Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Break?

We are officially 2 days into our summer "Break". Doesn't feel like much of a break to me. The house is full of rowdy, rambunctious, and very loud kids. Yesterday I spent the day driving kids to and from swimming, gymnastics, Jujitsu, and various other events.

I don't remember things being so complicated when I was a kid. Maybe I should check with my mother and see if her perspective is different then mine. It seems like I had more freedom when I was younger. I would ride my bike all day in the arroyo and desert around town. Take off hiking in the foothills. Or go to my buddy Jimmy's place and spend the day dirt biking or tearing stuff apart. I can't imagine letting my kids just roam free around town. I can't even let them ride their bikes without putting on helmets, knee and elbow pads and an assortment of other gear.

I don't understand how in this day of modern technology we have gotten so overbearing and protective of our kids. I once crashed my bike coming down from the Space Hall of Fame at, what seemed like, an enormous amount of speed. I had a busted thumb, and a bent rim to show for it. But it is one of my favorite childhood experiences. Perhaps the real problem is technology itself. My kids are so obsessed with xbox, DS, i-pods, cartoon network, and surfing the Internet it seems they have no desire to go outside. My older boys have never shot a BB gun, but have had tons of "battles" on their video games.

I want to teach my kids how to have fun. Force them to get outside and do something constructive. Heck I would even settle for them to get into a little trouble (just a little). So long as it doesn't involve anything technology related. Any one have any ideas??


  1. We just limit the time we allow the boys on the computer/tv. They get 30 mins if they spend it doing non-game non-internet creative stuff, like writing or sending emails to grandma, etc. 15 mins if they play games, and only at approved websites. I send them outside - whether they want to go or not - for at least an hour on dry mornings during the summer. They never watch TV unless I put on a movie, which only happens about twice a month. They have a couple quiet time hours a day when they're in separate rooms and are allowed to nap, color, draw, read, write, etc. We encourage more board games and stuff, and don't own any video game systems. I figure if the technology isn't here, they won't be tempted.

  2. Summer just started for us today and I understand what you are saying.