Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Time fun

Well it's been pretty busy around here the last few days. Chris has joined the local swimteam, the watercats, so he has practice every morning at 8am. Alex, Benny, and Reagan are all in Gymnastics. Alex and Reagan had there 2nd practice today. Reagan loves it. She begged me all day to put on her new leotard. And kept asking what time it was, and how soon her class would start. When I told her in 30 minutes she said "OK, i will go wait in the car." She also told me Monday is her new favorite day. She loves it and looks so cute. Of course it is mostly tumbling and such but she is very excited to have her own activity to attend. I am amazed at Alex's progress in just 2 practices. Today they spent a good deal of time working on the pommel horse. There is only 2 other boys in his group so he gets plenty of attention from the coaches which is great. Benny is enjoying it as well. Joey is in Jujitsu. He really likes it. His class consists of 1 other 8 year old, an 11 year old, several teenagers. He has got a ways to go but has tons of enthusiasm.

Sunday after church I could no longer stand to look at my boys and there long hair. I sat them all on the back porch and gave them haircuts. I think they turned out pretty good. Chris, Benny, and Clayte all got your standard run of the mill haircuts. Alex wanted a Faux-Hawk, and Joey wanted a true to life Mo-Hawk. I am a pretty conservative guy but I figured you are only young once and it will grow out by the time school starts back up. Liz was none to thrilled but Joey loved it! He calls it a Jo-Hawk. In fact he told me he wanted to give me his allowance for doing such a great job. I told him that wouldn't be necessary but he insists, we will see if he still feels that way on Friday when I am doling out the cash.

I am trying to enjoy a few easy days right now as I will be helping out with the Cub Scout Day Camp Thu and Fri, then the youth temple trip on Sat. The best part about being a stay at home dad is getting to be so involved with the kids. I have coached Alex's baseball team for 2 seasons now and it has been so rewarding. He is moving up a division next year so I hope to coach Joey's team in the same division. I am also going to Scout camp for the second year in a row. What an awesome experience to spend time with Chris and the other awesome young men in our ward! Being a parent is really hard work, but it does pay dividends.

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